Male Incontience Information

Men also experience bladder weakness (incontinence), with male bladder control problems often resulting from prostate issues, bladder infections, and conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

The Depend® Men section on male incontinence provides information and help on bladder management and training for males.

While Poise® Products are designed for women, Depend® has a specifically designed product to meet the unique needs of men. Depend® Guards for Men provide superior protection with a comfortable, trim fit.

This product features an exclusive anatomical design with an elasticised pouch which provides a cup-like fit for protection and comfort.

Leakage control shields provide an extra barrier, and a soft stay-dry liner keeps moisture away from the skin. Depend® Guards for Men are available in one absorbency which provides light to moderate protection.

Depend® incontinence products for Men

Information on Male Incontinence

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