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Pelvic Floor Exercises Videos

Welcome to the Poise® Pilates Studio.
Pelvic Floor Exercises are effective in helping all kinds of women regain bladder control. After an embarrassing bladder weakness moment it’s easy to shy away from the activities you once loved, but by practicing these gentle Pilates exercises you can get back to doing the things you love sooner.
Click here for an introduction to our Poise® Pilates Studio and guide to Pelvic Floor Exercises.

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Well Being Workout

Well Being Workout


Designed for both women and men who want to practice pilates and learn more about strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. Pilates expert Kimberly Garlick takes you through a series of carefully crafted exercises for all fitness levels to support yo...

Studio Adjusted Workout

Studio Adjusted Workout


Thoughtfully designed for women over 50, this special pilates and pelvic floor sequence has been carefully constructed to bring you an easy to follow program that, if carried out every day, will help strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce light blad...

Post Pregnancy Workout

Post Pregnancy Workout


Specifically created for new mums looking to build and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles after birth. These easy to follow pilates exercises, designed by expert Kimberly Garlick, and are formulated for post pregnancy bodies. This workout takes in...

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Kimberley Garlick

Kimberley Garlick is one of Australia’s leading Pilates trainers, having trained over 900 instructors throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. She is a Certified Polestar International Pilates Studio Practitioner, Educator and Mentor. Kimberley comes from a professional dance and human movement background and has extensive experience in sports science, as well as all concepts of Pilates. Kimberley attributes her success to her never-ending dedication to health and fitness through Pilates. 

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