Where can I find information about bladder control and/or Poise® Products?

Poise Products offer a variety of absorbent protection products for women experiencing light to moderate bladder weakness and we have a Product Selector Tool to help you determine the right Poise product to suit your needs.

You can also find out more in our LBL and Incontinence sections that describe the causes and types of bladder weakness that many women experience.

It’s also a good idea to speak with your doctor to help manage and improve any symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Which Poise® Pad holds the most?

Poise offers a range of solutions to suit every woman’s needs, from Liners for light bladder leakage to Poise Extra Plus Pads, which hold up to 500ml of liquid and are the most absorbent in the Poise range.

See the Poise Product Range to find each products best use and absorbency levels to suit your needs. For higher absorbency needs, Depend offers a range of solutions for every lifestyle. Visit for more information.

How much fluid do Poise® Products hold and what pack counts do they come in?

For women with very light to moderate bladder leakage, we recommend Poise Liners and Pads, which are available in ten different sizes and absorbencies. Check out the Poise Product Range for a detailed description of each product.

If you require even greater protection, check out our Depend range for your free sample.

How frequently should these products be changed?

The length of product wear varies according to individual needs and contributing factors include type of bladder control, bladder capacity, amount and frequency.

Is there a Poise® product for men?

Poise Pads are made especially for women, however, Depend Guards for Men and Depend Shields for Men are products designed to meet the unique needs of men, providing superior protection with a comfortable, trim fit.

Depend Shields are suitable for lighter absorbency needs and also include cup-like protection and comfort-flex leak barriers

For your free sample, or to find out more about Depend products, including our full range of incontinence underwear visit Depend

Can I buy Poise® Products directly from Kimberly-Clark?

Poise® Products can be found at most supermarkets and pharmacies and you can also purchase the range from several online retailers.